Movies, Mysteries, Meditation and Monsters


Movies, Mysteries, Meditation and Monsters

With the Highlands and Loch Ness sweltering in this nationwide heat, the area is hitting the headlines in all aspects of celebrity status across all channels. From social media and the national press to TV channels, there is intrigue and gossip on who is here, where, and doing what.


Down at Ardverikie, south of Loch Ness, the Press Pack is patiently waiting to get that one shot of James Bond (aka Daniel Craig). Mr Craig is filming Bond 25 at this popular film location, the former site of Monarch of the Glen and Mrs Brown.

Around 300 personnel have been domiciled in a specially built container hotel while the filming of this much-awaited movie takes place under strict security.


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Along the road at Aviemore, Netflix is looking for hundreds of extras for the filming of a new period drama, set to start shooting in September. Their quest is the talk of the Highlands with wannabe actors vying for a casting role.

Discovery Channel

Meanwhile, here at Loch Ness, the Discovery Channel have been filming all last week for a new documentary to be released to coincide with the DNA results from Professor Neil Gemmell of Otago University-New Zealand. These will be revealed at a press conference at The Loch Ness Exhibition Center in September.

Will we find out if "The Truth is Out There"?

The documentary is under the auspices of award-winning film documentary Executive Producer Tom Jennings. I had the pleasure of being interviewed last Friday as a contributor, with the story of the strange happenings on Loch Ness on June 15th 1965, which I wrote about for this blog recently.

Buddhist Monk Gelong Thubten

Last Friday, we at The Loch Ness Clansman Hotel in our new Cobbs Restaurant had the great pleasure of hosting an extraordinary book launch by the world-famous Buddhist Monk Gelong Thubten.

His book, titled "A Monks Guide to Happiness" has already gone to the bestseller lists on Amazon.

Thubten takes his unique brand of Mindfulness to corporations like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more.

He was delighted to undertake his Scottish launch at Loch Ness as a lot of his inspiration and writings for the book were made here on his many visits.


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The event was attended by representatives from High Life Highland, The University of The Highlands and Islands, and Chamber of Commerce, and we also had the pleasure of award-winning actress Tilda Swinton, who is a close friend of Thubten.

He also conducted a short session on meditation, which was fascinating and something we should all be undertaking in this modern world. And what better location than here on the banks of Loch Ness.

Storm Loch Ness

Finally, the last piece of media attention for Loch Ness this week was a most extraordinary effort co-ordinated by American Brian Richards of California. Brian has devised a plan to "Storm Loch Ness" by promoting this crazy idea on Facebook. It has since gone viral, with 18,000 people signing up to attend this overnight happening on September 21st 2019, much to the alarm of the local RNLI Lifeboat Station.

The RNLI has advised that it is not a good or safe idea to enter Loch Ness as the temperature of the loch is very low and could drown you at only six degrees. The campaign has caught the media's imagination though, so who knows. Watch this space!

Organisers of this event were inspired by a similar event organised for Area 51 in Nevada, USA, to meet aliens on September 20th 2019. But have been halted by American Military Authorities.

On a earthlier note, our Highland Games on August 24th in the village of Drumnadrochit is probably a more achievable date for your diary.

As you can see, there is a lot happening here at Loch Ness and The Highlands. However, the real celebrity is the area itself.

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Willie Cameron

July 25th 2019

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